Faith, Learning & Teaching - The Diagnostic, Assessment and Intervention Centre

The Diagnostic Assessment and Intervention Centre is part of a range of new initiatives to support students with complex learning needs.  It sits with a suite of enterprises designed to offer the best provisions for students.

The Centre offers support to schools in the Diocese of Bathurst, bringing together staff from many disciplines.  The Centre enables a student with complex learning needs to access support from the following specialists:

* Clinical Psychologist
* Special Educators
* Speech Pathologist
* Occupational Therapist
* Reading Specialist
* Mathematics Specialist
* Autism Consultant

This is a K-12 initiative and all Diocesan students can access the Centre.  To date, a significant number of students have been assisted through the Centre.

If you believe that your child may benefit from a referral to the Centre, please contact the support teacher at our school.