Our School - Our Vision and Values

Our Vision
The Assumption School strives to be a welcoming Christ-centred learning community that promotes a quality holistic education and trusting relationships in a caring and supportive environment. Our school endeavours to maintain a standard of excellence in education and make optimal use of resources and technology, while developing the faith of our students according to Gospel values.

Our Values
As a Catholic School, The Assumption School strives to be a ‘faith community’ in which the Christian approach to living is evidenced in the attitudes and actions of teachers and students. Religious Education and development provide a core from which the curriculum radiates in order to nurture and deepen personal faith, and provide a systematic study of the Catholic faith.

The school is dedicated to educating each student to his or her potential in a regular educational setting. In accord with the diversity represented in the community which the school serves, each student is valued as a unique person and the school is responsive to his/her particular needs.

The school focuses on creating an environment that supports and nurtures students in all facets of educational pursuit. The school aims to support each student in his/her learning and is committed to the pursuit of excellence. Special emphasis is placed on catering for individual differences in students.

Our values include:
1. Care and Compassion
2. Do Your Best
3. Fair Go
4. Freedom
5. Honesty and Trust Worthiness
6. Integrity
7. Respect
8. Responsibility
9. Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion

Classes within the school are structured on a parallel basis in order that each class reflects the school’s diverse community, and at the same time, through accepting individual differences in learning, strives to develop co-operation and social interaction among students.

Consistent with the Church’s view, parents are accepted as the prime educators of their children with the school playing an important co-operative role. Open communication with parents about the curriculum and children’s learning progress is an important aspect of the school. Parents are encouraged to support and participate in the school’s programs generally and in faith education.

School name and motto
The Assumption School, (established 1952), is under the patronage of Mary the Mother of God and focuses particularly on the Catholic belief that after her life on earth, Mary was assumed, body and soul to heavenly glory where she is uniquely placed and continuously intercedes for the members of her Son’s Church.

The Feast of The Assumption on 15th August, points to the fulfilment of grace, when Mary was taken, body and soul, into heaven to share in the glory of her Son’s Resurrection. The Assumption of Mary is significant for all humanity, since she anticipates our resurrection with Christ in glory. She was taken up to heaven as ‘the beginning and the pattern of the Church in its perfection, and a sign of hope and comfort for your people on their pilgrim way’. (Preface of the Assumption)

Naturally The Assumption School has always had a strong family focus and a deep respect for the dignity of each person.

The school crest combines ‘M’ for Mary the Mother of God, with a crown of twelve stars (cf. Rev 12:1). The motto in Latin, Ad Jesum per Mariam is translated: To Jesus through Mary. The design and artwork for the crest were created by Sr Marie Williams who was a member of the original Assumption staff.