Our Students - Excursions

Permission Notes
A signed permission note by and from the parent or guardian is required.
 * Before a student attends an excursion or any other out-of-school activity;
 * When there is change to the student’s usual going home arrangements.
Copies of permission slips for recent activities will soon be added to our website. In the meantime, the Office and class teacher holds copies of these permission notes. 

YEAR 1 Beekeeper's Inn
Year 1 students study insects as part of the Science and Technology curriculum.  During the year students visit The Beekeeper's Inn to learn more about the lifecycle of bees and the production of honey. 

YEAR 4 Blue Mountains
A trip to the Blue Mountains is a valuable excursion for Year 4 to complement their study of National Parks in HSIE. 

YEAR 5 Canberra
Each March our students from Year 5 undertake an educational tour of the National Capital. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy. Students and teachers enjoy the 2 days during which they visit the old and the new Parliament Houses, the National War Memorial, Questacon, and take a night tour of the Canberra Botanical Gardens.

YEAR 6 Camp
Year 6 Christian Living Camp was held in May 2014 at Lake Burrendong. The Year 6 group engaged in spiritual and physical activities, and had an excellent time. This was a wonderful lead into many aspects of Confirmation. The Year 6 Christian Living Camp in 2015 will be held from April 29th to May 1st.

Some comments from our students about the 3 day camp include: • Grass skiing was really fun because you got to roll down a hill on these cool skates. Bailey Stevens • The three days were very well organised and I would like to thank Mrs Peck, Mr Gibson and especially Mrs Hooper for making possible this wonderful experience for Year 6. Jack Lynch • The food was delicious, but mum’s cooking is better. Liam Smith • I thoroughly enjoyed the musical activities with Chris Doyle. The messages he was sharing with us were inspirational for all who attended. Georgia Marston • I liked the archery because we got to play fun games there. Charlotte Lynch • Grass Skiing was great but my bottom got sore from all of my stacks. Molly McCrossin  • Undoubtedly the best camp ever for many reasons, but most of all the hours of sleep had by staff members. Mrs Peck • During my kayaking experience I almost got capsized. Elliot Hyland