Our Students - Vegetable Garden

In 2014 we expanded our student vegetable garden area and made plans to add a chicken coop.  The students have shown great interest in this project and our gardens have grown a variety of plants.  

The benefits of our garden and forthcoming chicken run include:
• To promote sustainability and to connect students with healthy food and lifestyles, while also learning valuable waste reduction messages 
• To grow fresh produce and have students play a central role from seed to harvest
• To learn life skills such as:  taking responsibility for their own class plots;  looking after animals;  making and using compost;  crop rotation;  integrated pest control and mulching; and working as a team.
• To involve children in cooking, using fresh food grown by them
• To allow all students to have the invaluable experience of nurturing live animals
• To provide students with the opportunity to become more aware of the environment and be able to grow into more responsible citizens in the future.

The vegetable garden and future chicken coop can be used as a stimulus for learning in a variety of key learning areas.